Every winter I decide I am a summer person and when summer rolls around I decide I am a winter person, its the age old battle of hot & cold…

Seriously tho utah has been on fire lately…I love being outside but I can’t stand walking outside and having my breathe taken away because its painfully hot. Its not my jam. Last week my parents surprised me with some plane tickets to fly out to California and surprise my best friend which was much needed. We hadn’t seen each other in about a year and a half and a reunion was much over due. We became inseparable in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and saw each other ONCE throughout our entire mission but we emailed each other every week and the night before I came home I was able to call her and talk to her, THAT was such a blessing. I sobbed to her and we talked about our adventures we had, had and the adventures to come and just everything. She means the world to me and getting to fly out and spend a whole week with her was just what the doctor needed. I seriously felt like I was staying with family haha. We hit the beach and I was FINALLY able to see hollywood (not all its cracked up to be) and we just hung out and laughed. Best week ever. IMG_0075   Heres us in the mtc..

IMG_0177Believe me when I say we have ZERO normal pictures together.

IMG_3622IMG_3602If you haven’t had a oreo alfajore then you haven’t lived.




I am 20 and I reside in Utah, Do I love it?…no….am I rolling with it?….heck yeah I am…..

Right now I am in a phase where all my friends are getting married and I am here just tryna function. Friends are fluctuating and I just want to be adventurous. I want to see the world, yeah it would be incredible to have a special someone but I am in no rush, I mean me and home boy have FOREVER together, right? Maybe I just need a little bit more ME time. I get to work on my body, health, education, life  so when I meet him I will have at least one of those figured out. Theres ALOT  more to life than just getting married and having a plethora of kiddos. trust me.