Life as of now.


What is good in the hood?

Life has been hectic lately and by hectic I mean I only have 2 hours to watch Netflix instead of 5 hours. With my bestfriend getting married, school, work, renovating my new apartment, new health goals, everything seems crazy. I decided I would do a life over view with a few bullet points.


-Yes you read correctly, my partner in crime is getting married and I couldnt be more excited for her. The wedding will be May 6th (yes may of 2016) luckily Zoe is the bomb at planning things so basically everything has already been taken care of.  These two are seriously couple goals. I cant handle them. I will have the photos I took for them up in a few days.  Heres a link to Zoes blog( ZOE)




My family has always had my back and been so willing to help as I stumble through school, life etc. But my mouth about dropped when they told me they wanted to make our downstairs a apartment for me so I can go to school and work without the stress of rent and housing. I am so blessed to have such outstanding parents. After 5 litters of puppies our basement without a doubt needs some work. It will be a fun project for sure.



Any one who  knows me knows that I have always had a little extra to love. This year I am hoping to make some changes to my physical appearance. I have ALWAYS hated running…it sucks…but alas I have decided to turn that hatred into a passion . I have decided that in 2017 I would like to run a marathon…or at least a 5K. I have been researching ” ways to train for a marathon ” and stumbled upon this post from one of my favorite blogs. Click here  Auj Poj is by far one of the most inspiring and fun blogs that I have come across. Check it out!! Auj Poj . I am so excited to start running and hopefully finding some joy in running.                                                                                                                             ( I found this on Pinterest so I copied it to my journal for some inspo)




I love when the weather begins to get warm, I get my mojo back and my drive for school, work, fitness, life get better. I become more adventurous, determined, happy, alive and in my opinion more fun to be around(the winter blues are REAL with me) I have just been enjoying everything lately and I hope it doesn’t go away. thumbnail_IMG_2562


I’ll be seeing you.

Love Liv


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