I was called to serve in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission and can I just say it was the best 9 months of my life.10403335_10203563377199887_592288796704827415_n

Coming home is hard whether you have served the full 18 months or not. I came home early and let me tell you that it has been no walk in the park but just like a mission you’ve got to keep on enduring and don’t let that smile fade.I put together a list, a list of quotes, things I wish I would have known, things I wish I would have done, things I shouldn’t have done, etc a list that I hope will help someone else out there. 



  • HUG YOUR MOM. hugging companions is all fine and dandy but there is nothing like squeezing your mom after being separated.



  • People will tell you that you NEED to make a plan asap. To decide if you are going back out or going to start school or find love, etc. You DO NOT need to make a plan the moment you set foot back home. Take a nap, eat a pb&j, KEEP HUGGING YOUR MOM, enjoy a long hot shower, just breathe(you know, that thing you sometimes forgot to do on your mission). I promise you that you will come to a conclusion of what you want to do. But do not stress out about it.IMG_0982


  • dance. Turn off the world turn on some good jams and DANCE.


  • Temple time. Sometimes ya just gotta go and sit in the Celestial Room. it does wonders I promise.


  • ” God did not remove the red sea, he opened it. He will help us find a way through our problems as well ”


  • Keep busy. DO NOT come home and stare at the ceiling. Get out of the house, go visit people, catch up with friends, go for a run, read your scriptures, if you were learning a language keep up on it. Keeping busy will help with that awkward adjustment.


  • Hugging boys is going to be awkward. Just go with it.


  • You are going to get the cliche ” You served a mission, do not feel like you didn’t ” or ” God loves you and appreciates your service ”  which is TRUE. But its the last thing you want to hear…trust me…I know…Just smile and hug them because its done out of good intentions and they care about you. 11825107_10203563367879654_5339998140291830100_n


  • GO TO CHURCH. I had such a hard time getting to church because I felt like everyone was looking at me and thinking I was the ” sister who returned home early ” but I assure you no one is thinking that.


  • ” NO surrender, NO retreat, we are more than conquerers through christ ”


  •  Priesthood blessings are BOMB.


  • Get out of your head. Satan is going to try to do some work on you but remember who YOU are and what YOU stand for. Stay strong sisters!


  •    Pity Parties will get you now where so do NOT throw them. I did this and I can tell you that life got significantly more heavy.


  •  Get a  journal, talk to a therapist(or your mom), go to a support group. You are going to have feelings and emotions and you NEED to find a outlet. Talking to people will help. Heres my email in case you want to talk or exchange above average jokes Knock Knock   <— click that


  • ” WHY HAVEN’T I HAD A BREAKDOWN ”  I waited a good 10 months before I had my full blown cry sesh. I came home expecting it to happen THAT night but I was oddly okay…I was freaked out thinking my emotions had been shut off. 10 months later and BAYUM a simple fast food run turned into a  ” I came home from my mission early crying session ” .


  • ” we must go through things good and bad to gain our own light ”


  • EVERYONE has a opinion. Some opinions are going to hurt, I was told some pretty harsh things that left my heart hurting. Collect the bruises, keep smiling and down the road you will be oddly thankful for those comments because they made you a stronger person.


  • Belt out songs in the shower because A. it will feel good to yell and B. I’m pretty sure singing boosts your confidence because you sound so dang good.


  • If you served a mission no matter how long its inevitable that you have gained some lbs. GO WORK OUT, run, bike ride, anything it will give you endorphins and confidence.


  • Numb is a feeling and its awful. For my Vampire Diary fans out there I felt like my emotions had been shut off, I didn’t care what happened to me or about the feelings of others. My advice is pray, read your scriptures because during the numb days those two things will feel like the BIGGEST chore but will be the most beneficial.




  • maintain a sense of humor. This will benefit you greatly.


  • GET HELP. If you came home for physical sickness get to your doctor ASAP and get feeling better. If you came home for mental sickness you can get medical attention as well or the church offers F R E E therapy as well as support groups.


  • Email friends you made on your mission! I was blessed and was able to make some of my most cherished relationships. They will uplift you and keep you where you need to be.
  • 12471320_10204358511677752_7730059902824843003_o


  • Remember God loves you and will never STOP loving you. For whatever reason you came home he is still standing by you cheering you on.


  • two words. ICE CREAM.



  • If you have made your decision to not go back out GIVE A HOMECOMING TALK! I never had the opportunity to give mine and I wish I would have. YOU had cool experiences and spiritual moments share those because it will make you feel better and bless the lives of others.


  • Dance, and eat ice cream all at the same time. not a joke. do it. (I realize I have already mentioned dancing and ice cream but miracles happen when you bring them together )


  • You are going to have good days and you are going to have bad days. On the good days find what makes you happy and write it down so when the bad days roll around you have some sort of plan.


  • Cry…its ok….


  • Sometimes you just need to take life 10 seconds at a time, remember you can do ANYTHING for 10 seconds.


  • Find some pump up songs : my go to song to this day is Sounds of Change by the dirty heads. Listen to the lyrics. ❤


  • I felt really alone when I first got back. This talk by Holland saved my life a few times Click Here . Please remember you are NOT alone. EVER.


  • yoga, or just taking deep breathes can help. Some moments are going to seem heavy.


  • OWN your service. Talk about it on Facebook, share pictures, if you were learning a language write a post in it! (You will feel cool because you know a different language )


  • did I mention its okay to cry?


  • MOST important always remember you are a daughter of God and nothing less. You are important and you CAN do hard things.



I could go on and on but that will do. Sisters if you have come home early from your mission please remember that its all going to be okay. Life may seem daunting and you may feel like its not going to get better but I promise you that it is. I am living proof that it is. I was in a VERY dark place when I got home and I didn’t see much light at the end of the tunnel but I promise you its there you just need to walk by faith and ENDURE TO THE END. You have got this!




Ill be seeing you


  • love liv.

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