This year for spring break I decided to shut my computer screen and get out my overalls and working boots. Every year the college goes on a Alternative Spring Break which means instead of going out and ” partying ” cough cough stay in and watch Netflix and eat all the food in eye sight, we go out and give back. There are several trips to go on like San Francisco working with the hunger and homelessness or heading over to Seattle to serve the environment or going to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona and learn about their culture as well as participate in service.  I was selected to go on the Hopi trip and it was the best week ever!

we learned how to weave baskets from plants. 


We did this service called Dry Farming which is basically weeding on steroids. We were driven out to a football sized field and given rakes and shovels and told to clean all the weeds up. Once we had placed all the weeds into a pile we were able to burn them. It was hard work but because our group was so amazing it made the work go by faster.  



We had really amazing teachers who taught us the culture and ways of the people. They demonstrated things like how to weave baskets using plants and how to create jewelry. I can tell you that a lot of work goes into these amazing pieces. I was completly in awh. 



On our last night there we went on a sunset hike as a group. We walked to the edge of the mesa and were given cornmeal to toss off the edge. We each took a moment of silence and said a prayer in our hearts before tossing the cornmeal off the edge. It was such a special moment. 


I loved this trip and the sense of peace it made me feel. Our group was OUTSTANDING! Honestly so hilarious I have never laughed so freaking hard in my entire life. I made some solid friends. The Hopi people were so kind and thoughtful they welcomed us into their homes and fed us, told us stories which brought out some tears as well as some laughs. I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for everyone I met and the experiences I had. Spring Break 2016 was perfect.


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